Thursday, October 1, 2009

Free traffic seo tips and tricks

Generally most of people would like to know how they can increase the traffic to their site but they do not know about the search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. So, in this Post, you will discover how to increase traffic with free SEO tips and tricks!

SEO is something that will help your website get into the search engines better.

It does not mean that your site will naturally rank high and you’ll never get punished but it does mean that you have a much higher chance of getting into the first page of your desired search term… rather than not being there at all.

There are following seo tips
1.Your website address. By having your keyword in your website url, it gives you a better chance to appear in the search engines compared to an alternative site which does not have the keyword in its url.

2.HTML header tags like H1, H2, H3 will play a part. Try 1 H1 tag to display the most important aspect of that page. Then use H2 for the other important text.

3.when you name your images try to name it with your main keywords.

Now that you know these simple SEO tips and tricks, be sure to use them and get into the high search engine pages to increase your traffic!

If your Try these things in on page optimisation it is sure you will be on the first page of google.


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