Friday, September 25, 2009

How Youtube is helpful to promote your website

How Youtube is helpful to promote your website:

Some video websites will allow you to upload and share your videos free of charge. such as Google Video or YouTube.

When your video appears on You Tube, there are options to fill in relevant keywords relating to your subject. A huge help is have a link to your website. Both of these factors truely assist in promoting your website.

Do I recommend youtube videos ?
YOU BET I DO, for so many reasons

1.Potential Exposure of your product/service on youtube
2.Youtube videos often returned in search results before your website video helps website promotionReally helps your website ranking, thus higher in search engine results hosted video saves money for hostingCost saving of bandwidth with your web hosting video potential exposure from other sitesYour Video displayed on others individual sites video also displays on your websiteYoutube hosted yet still displays on your own website as well

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